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8 Steps to Avoid Seasonal Sickness!

allergy-18656_640During all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we tend to get caught up in the merriment and at times even the stress of all the additional demands on our time. It’ a time of year to just enjoy life and that often results in a laisezz-faire attitude-abandoning our typical habits and routines. Well, go ahead and carpe diem, deck the halls, and rock around the Christmas tree if you must! However, if during the holidays, you drop all that you typically do to stay healthy, you can expect to pay the price.

Wouldn’t it be great to hit the ground running in 2016 rather than crawling out of a pit of sickness? The name of the game is immunity! Strengthen your immune system and you will more than likely be OK or bounce back from any illness quickly.

Here are our top tips to stay healthy and avoid sickness in the coming weeks:

1) Wash Your Hands
Your mama always told you to wash your hands! Well, my friend, she was right! Washing your hands is the number one way to prevent the spread of illness! I’m not talking about rinsing your hands under the water for 2 seconds. You fakers know who you are and I’ve seen you types in public bathrooms. If that’s you, you’re only fooling yourself my friend! You’ve got to actually use soap and rub your hands together for at least 20 seconds to get rid of the germs. Find more on proper hand washing here.

2) Take Probiotics
Probiotics rock! If your gut is out of whack, you will be unhealthy. Load up on probiotics and your immunity will be strengthened to knock out all the viruses floating around during the winter months. Kombucha and other fermented foods are a great way to increase your probiotic intake and maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria.

3) Limit Sugar Intake
This is a tough one! All the parties and social events put sweet treats right in your face! The struggle is real friends! I know. But, a little self-control goes a long way! The key here is moderation so don’t deprive yourself! However,for example, instead of sampling one of every type of yummy offered at a party, determine in advance that you are going to allow yourself one small serving of desert to really savor. Graze on the healthier options like the veggie tray. You can even pre-eat something healthy and filling before you head to a party to avoid overdoing it on sweets. Sugar is to your immune function what kryptonite is to Super Man! Avoid sugar and keep your white blood cells fighting strong!

4) Get Adequate Sleep
Without sleep, you’re up a creek! Your body needs sleep in order to detoxify and refresh. Research shows that when you get adequate sleep, your immunity stays stronger. Click here for a video on this. People with adequate sleep can fight off viruses, it’s that simple.

5) Drink Lots of Water
Staying hydrated allows your body to flush out toxins more effectively and keeps your cells healthy so that your immunity stands firm! You might try drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning, another mid day and another in the evening. You can even set alarms to remind you to drink your water.

6) Gargle Tap Water Regularly
Water is life giving! You can actually reduce your chances of getting a cold virus by gargling tap water regularly. Check out the research here.

7) Use Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
Stay healthy with an all natural concoction you can whip up in a jiffy right in the comfort of your own kitchen. Find out how to use raw apple cider vinegar to fight off viruses here.

8) Drink Grape Juice
Flu anyone? No way! None of us wants to suffer the misery of catching the flu. I have good news for you my friend! You don’t have to! This trick is so simple you won’t believe it! Find out how to use grape juice to avoid the flu here.

What do you do to keep your immunity high and avoid letting sickness take you down during the holidays? We hope you stay well in the upcoming weeks! Happy Holidays!

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