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Apartment Decor – 5 Spruce Ups for Spring!

daffodils-1236487_640When Spring arrives, it seems like everything is beginning to come alive outside. Sprouts start bursting through the barren ground, leaves start to bud on the trees, and bird songs fill the air.

All is new and beautiful again—your apartment should be too!

Why not add some special touches to bring the vibrancy of Spring inside with you?

Check out our 5 simple tips for your decor that are sure to make your apartment sing!

1) Start With A Fresh Canvas
If you haven’t already gotten around to purging, decluttering, and Spring cleaning, start there! A painter needs a clean canvas to create. Clearing out what is un-necessary will open up space to envision some uplifting changes!

2) Deal With That 1 Tired Piece of Furniture
Sometimes you acquire something that you later realize doesn’t serve the purpose originally intended. Maybe it’s time to say good bye to that tired piece of furniture that adds nothing to your life but just sits there taking up space. Replace it with something more functional that adds to your experience of home.

Getting rid of a piece that has lost it’s luster is a great way to refresh your pad.

If you’re the DIY type, you can also give a new look to the whole room by just by giving an old piece a new coat of paint! Try a crisp white or an interesting accent color. You can also transform an existing bookcase by adding a fun wallpaper to the back. You may even want to paint the back of your bookcase with an interesting accent color.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 12.13.15 AM3) Add Splashes of Vibrant Color

Splashes of yellow add sunshine to any room! Bring home potted daffodils or add a large bowl or jar of lemons to your counter top.

Maybe a lively pink or coral orange resonates with you. Choose a color to add to the mix that says “Spring is here!”

I like to use things that are easily replaceable like candles, photo frames, accent pillows, flower arrangements etc…so that I can move things around a bit until I find just the right arrangement that creates a unified thread of color from room to room.

To the left, you can see how designer, Erin Flett, has gone wild with pattern and color in her Maine home.

What are the rules for color? You decide!


Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 12.12.44 AM4) Pillows Perk Up Everything
Buy new pillows or get new covers for your old pillows. Again, the key here is using pops of color.

Be brave!


Be free!

Break the rules and throw in various textures, patterns and colors.

Play and have fun! This is the essence of Spring. 

Just do it!


potted-731201_6405) Bring Outside In

Along with pots of brightly colored flowers that add to the color factor, try growing a windowsill herb garden. You can either plant one or find one to purchase.

Either way, it will add life and greenery to your home!

If you’re not the green thumb your grandmother was, try succulents. Nearly impossible to kill, these hearty house plants make a world of difference added to the kitchen windowsill or bathroom counter.

What are you doing to spruce up for Spring? Hit our social media pages and share your tips and pics of your decor updates!

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