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Harvest Moon Spectacle: Can’t Miss Block Party!

Wondering how to spend Monday the 24th? You might have heard, but this year the Harvest Moon happens to fall on that date. For those unfamiliar we’ll fill you in so that our Mariner’s Watch friends and family can get out there an enjoy this spectacle with a can’t miss block party!

When is the Harvest Moon?
While this year it happens to fall on the 24th, the Harvest Moon is when a full moon occurs nearest the start of fall.

How did it get that name?
Due to the moon rise coming right after sunset, there is an abundance of bright vibrant light early in the evening. This helped farmers with the harvesting of their crops, hence “Harvest Moon!”

Why should it matter to you?
The Harvest Moon is beautiful sight! It marks the start of fall and with it, crisp and fantastic colors fill the air and sky.

Bring your friends and family outside and gaze up at the wonderful hues lighting the sky. The next few days are sure to be worth breaking out the cameras and enjoying the sunsets!

There is a spectacular block party right behind Mariner’s Watch that you don’t want to miss. So make sure you get out there and enjoy the good views, company, and fun times!

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