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Mariner’s Watch Guide to Holiday Season

It’s the time of the year to be grateful! Grateful that you’re in the vibrant area of Ohio City in Cleveland and that you get to be with friends and family at Mariner’s Watch Apartment. While you’re living here, we think it’s important that you know of all the local fun in the neighborhood.

The good people at Ohio City have detailed some great ways to spend your holidays, and we’ll outline them right here for you.

Thanksgiving Shopping at West Side Market

When: Everyday except Tuesdays and Thursdays

Where: West Side Market

What: Looking to support local family run business? Getting your Thanksgiving goods at West Side Market is the perfect way to shop for the community and get great food in the process.

Dining and Entertainment

If you need a night out on the town for some good food and fun times, we encourage you to check out Ohio City’s neighborhood guide. This is the perfect tool to plan that exciting day you’ve been waiting to spend with a significant other or loved ones.

Give Back

The holidays are a great reminder that it isn’t just about what you get, but what you give that can make a fulfilling day. A great opportunity to get involved is by supporting Cleveland’s Children at Providence House. Each donation gives children warm beds, quality care and support, as well a some yummy to eat. Click here to learn more and donate.

-Other great causes:

  • Near West Inter-generational School Holiday Mart: each year the Near West Family Group sets up a shopping experience based off generous donations, from clothes, baby items, gloves, candles, toys, books, and more.
  • Second District Sock and Underwear Drive: Support the homeless community by providing an extra layer of warmth. Donate gently warn or new socks and new underwear at the Second District at 3481 Fulton Ave.
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