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Not only does our community have a regularly updated Residents Corner but we also wanted to give some extra attention to our other special residents: your pets! We would love to add photos of your pets to our Pets Corner Gallery! Simply send your picture via email and your best buddies will be added to the gallery. Don’t forget to include their name, breed, age, and short description about your furry friend!

Do you have any friends looking for an apartment suite where pets are welcome? Don’t forget to refer your family, friends and co-workers to our pet friendly suites where cats, dogs, and people can find a great home. Our Mariner’s Watch community is pet friendly. For those looking for a pet friendly suite, please read our pet policy on the right and call 216.373.7400 today.


My name is Zoe

Owner name: Chris and Rosie
About: She is just all fur and love! Her happy tail says it all!


My name is Bosco

Owner name: Linda
About: Bosco was one of our very first “furry” residents! He loves going for walks around Ohio City with his mom, Linda. He knows all the best stops to make for treats!


My name is Sheldon

Owner name: Patrick and Stephanie
About: Sheldon is a chihuahua-basenji mix adopted from a great rescue shelter in Columbus, OH. He loves going to see Lisa for treats during the day, and getting his belly scratched during the evening!


We are Lucien and Otto

Owner name: Marissa
About: These two dynamos enjoy looking out the balcony screen, sleeping and eating just about anything. They are both rescue kitties!


My name is Molly

Owner name: Neil
Age: 11 years
About: She’s extremely mild-mannered and loves attention from strangers, although at first when meeting new people, she can be shy and will hide behind her pet parent. She’s also never met a ‘treat’ she didn’t like. When she was 6-years old, she underwent back surgery after her back legs collapsed. She bounced back though like a champ! Her best friend is her older “sister” Emmy.


My name is Emmy

Owner name: Neil
Age: 14 years old
About: Like her “sister’ Molly, she’s extremely mild mannered and loves attention from strangers. She can be a picky eater, especially when it comes to treats. (She has her favorites!) She loves going for “walkies” but also enjoys sleeping on the couch in-front of the TV.


My name is Bernie Kosar

Owner name: Neetha
Age: 2 1/2 years old
About: Loves to play fetch and go swimming! Recently, he swam in 3 Great Lakes in ONE day while on vacation in Michigan (Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and Lake Huron)!!! He’s a pretty lovable guy and looks forward to giving you a sniff and lots of licks!


My name is Gizmo

Owner: Jennifer
About: Always looking out the window to keep an eye on the neighborhood! Loves to come to the office for his cookie!



Owner name: Natalie and Joseph

Natalie and Josephs precious little sleeping Brindley.


Bagel D. Boy Jr.

Owner Name: Annie

Bagel Dee Boy is quite the adventurer! In his spare time, he enjoys exploring new places, showing off for strangers, and destroying his mom’s property. Sometimes he even straps on a leash and goes for walks outside! More than anything, he loves sniffing, licking, and cuddling with his sister Natasha.

My Name is Bernie

Owner Name: Neetha

I am a Brittany Spaniel puppy who loves to run and play. I am super friendly and love to smile when I am going on walks with my fur-mom and fur-dad. My favorite thing to do is walk around Cleveland and meet new people and dogs. After running and playing, my next favorite thing to do is sleep on the couch!

Sophie the Guinea Pig

Owner Name: Jared

Like most guinea pigs, 1.5 year old Sophie loves to chew on her toys and cuddle on her owner’s lap. Her favorite foods are carrots and kale, and she enjoys watching anyone that comes near her pen.

My Name is Moses

Owner Name: Katie /Chelsey

Moses is a black lab rescued from the Cleveland APL. He loves cuddling, taking long naps, and playing fetch.

My name is Lily

Owner Name: Janice & Austin

She enjoys Mitchells ice cream, tanning, and naps.


My name is Murphie

Owner Name: Steve & Grace

I’m looking forward to moving into my new home at Mariner’s Watch in a few weeks.
Thanks for providing an apartment environment that allowed Grace and Steve to adopt me!
Can’t wait to meet you!

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