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Station Hope – Block Party With A Purpose!

station hopeIf you didn’t get to experience it last year, GOOD NEWS, Station Hope is back this year on May 9 from 6:00-10pm! This free multi-arts celebration of the freedoms won through the Underground Railroad is staged in and around St. John’s Episcopal Church, directly behind Mariner’s Watch at W 26th and Church Avenue.

As a church active on the Underground Railroad, St. John’s was a last stop for fleeing slaves seeking their freedom across the waters of Lake Erie and the church’s steeple acted as a beacon of freedom.”

As you tour through Saint John’s Church, you will take in  a variety of short performances of dance, theater, storytelling, and music all tying in with the theme of freedom and justice. An array of original visual art works created by professional and community-based local artists will also be on display and choral music will fill the open spaces outside of Saint John’s.

Don’t miss out on this FREE powerful community arts experience!


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